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New Standards May Bring More Alerts

We have already called multiple Air Quality Alerts this year, and have had nine days in which the community exceeded the National Air Quality Standards (aka NAAQS) for ozone.  Does this mean that the air in our region is getting more polluted?

Under the standards in place in 2015, many of these would not have been exceedances. However, the Louisville Air Pollution Control District is calling Air Quality Alerts based on new, stricter standards.


The previous ozone standard was 75 parts per billion. The new standard is 70 parts per billion.

So, the downward trend for this pollutant needs to continue. How can we make this happen?








It will take effort from all sectors, including the general public, to meet and beat the new standard. If everyone would make a small change, such as driving a little less, reducing idling, walking or biking when possible and sharing rides with a friend, especially on days when we predict high ozone, then we can all breathe easier.