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Navigating the Summer Travel Construction Zone

It often seems like the four seasons would more aptly be called, Fall, Winter, Spring and Road Construction. Here are a few tips for travel this summer to avoid as much idling in construction zones as possible.  Less idling means less pollution, and less frustration for you, the driver.

First, make your travel plans knowing where construction will affect your travel. The US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration website can direct you to current road construction sites along your route.

Plan travel to avoid construction, if possible. Also try to avoid rush hour traffic in urban areas affected by construction. Check your route for tolls so you can have the correct amount ready when needed.

Waze and other GPS apps are powerful tools to help you avoid sitting in congested construction traffic.

Make sure your ride is ready for the road. If your vehicle is due for scheduled maintenance, get it done before your trip. Check tires to make sure they are properly inflated and have good tread.

The less time sitting in construction traffic, the less extra fuel will be wasted idling, which is better for the air.