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Make Fall a Clean Air Season


woman composting.jpg - 65.94 KBAs leaves and temperatures fall, the pressure in your vehicle’s tires may be falling, too. Check your tires at least once a month and whenever tire indicator lights on your dashboard flash a warning.

Make the most of the autumnal bounty of leaves and twigs on your lawn by composting them. Add in coffee grounds, fruit peels and other compostable materials to get a head start on rich soil for next year’s garden. Open burning of leaves and lawn debris is illegal in Louisville, since breathing in smoke is not healthy for anyone.

Carry your morning coffee in your own reusable mug instead of adding another Styrofoam or other “one use” cup to the landfills.

Car rider lines can be exhausting, but they shouldn’t be full of traffic exhaust. Remember the “10 Second Rule” of idling, and turn off the ignition when you know you’ll be parked and waiting for more than that interval. The students walking out of the school, the school staff directing traffic, and the parents waiting in the cars all deserve clean air.