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Invest Your Return in Energy Savings

 Tax returns sometimes go towards a splurge, such as a spring break or a new couch. It may not have the rush of instant gratification, but consider investing your return, or part of it, in purchases which impact your energy use and save money in the long run.

Save on heating and cooling bills while keeping your home at a comfortable temperature when you’re there to enjoy it with a programmable thermostat. They save energy and money by using temperature setbacks when you are away or sleeping.  Depending on your schedule, the thermostat may pay for itself in energy savings by next tax season. Swapping an old light fixture for a similar LED fixture can also pay for itself in a year’s time.

 Consider replacing an old appliance with a new, energy efficient model. Look for Energy Star ratings for the most savings on your utility bill and be sure to recycle the old ones.

 A change in your landscape, such as adding a tree or berm, could reduce mowing and shade your home during the summer.

 Not getting cash back? Unplug any appliances you don’t use on a regular basis or when you go on vacation.  So-called “energy vampires” use electrical current, even when turned off. Unplug chargers and small kitchen appliances when they’re not in use. Even small savings in energy use add up.

 Keeping up your car’s scheduled maintenance is always a good investment, as a well-maintained vehicle runs cleaner, lasts longer and gets better gas mileage. That oil change or tune up will help you be a Friend of the Air.