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KAIRE and TARC Partner for Design-a-Bus Contest!

TARC and KAIRE are partnering for the 14th Annual Kids Design-a-Bus contest. This year’s theme is “I Care about the Air.” 

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What is air pollution?

Factory pollution

People ask us that question all the time. Because KAIRE's mission is to help you clean the air, it would help if you knew what, exactly, we're dealing with. Here's a quick primer on the major air pollutants. It's adapted from the website Business 2 with some minor revisions.

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Chenoweth Elementary Highlights Idle Free Efforts

Chenoweth is the best! KAIRE loves the clean air efforts going on at Chenoweth Elementary School. Learn all about it in their WLKY School Cribs video.

Oops! I Idled Again!

The average driver spends 6 minutes a day idling unnecessarily.  Lately, I've been thinking about where that idling occurs.  There are obvious places, like the school car rider line, drive throughs and ATMs.  There are also the less obvious places, where you may find yourself idling without even realizing it.

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