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I Didn't Realize I Was Idling

If you've been hearing KAIRE TV or radio messages, you already know the prime idling spots:  car rider line, drive throughs, drive-up banking centers.  In the coming weeks, let's look at some other places where idling may be going unnoticed.  Let's start with school. 





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Laila Ali Joins Moms Clean Air Force

Laila Ali shares her concerns about air pollution in an new video from Moms Clean Air Force.  She talks about being a professional athlete and how being a mom has raised her awareness of air quality issues.  Watch it here

Six tips to get better gas mileage

A friend from the Federal Highway Administration sent these tips to KAIRE.

We've seen them all over the web and it's hard to track down the original source, but it's pretty "common sense" information.

These 6 conditions can cost you at the pump:

Under-inflated Tires: 1-2 MPG

Dirty Air Filter: 2.0 MPG

Worn Spark Plugs: 2.0 MPG

Worn O2 Sensor: 3.0 MPG

Dirty Oil: 0.4 MPG

Loose Gas Cap: 2.0 MPG

It adds up to a loss of 11.4 MPG. That's gas and money you're wasting when you ignore these simple things.


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KAIRE at the library

Library logo

You can now pick up KAIRE materials, including info on Idle Free Louisville, at the Louisville Free Public Library and its many branches.

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