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Garden Show Prize Donated to Local Charity

pkuplrwooi.jpgOn a snowy day in March, KAIRE gave away a serviceberry tree at the Trend Appliances Home, Garden & Remodeling Show. The winner of that tree graciously donated it to the Home of the Innocents. Shane Corbin with the Air Pollution Control District and Andy Smart from Plant Kingdom took advantage of Tuesday’s sunny, dry weather to plant the tree on the Home of the Innocents campus. The serviceberry tree is an excellent small yard tree which provides natural habitat for birds and other wildlife along with shade, beauty and air quality benefits. Thanks to Andy and Plant Kingdom for donating the tree and the installation.  

Ironman Stresses Importance of Local Air Quality

schneider.jpg As a life-long athlete and resident of Louisville, I feel the air quality in our city is so much better than it was when I was growing up. As a matter of fact, the other day I was talking to an out of town client and I told him, “Fifteen years ago one would not have been able to see the stars because of the pollution in the air. Now, however, it's refreshing to look up and see the twinkles in the stars.”

As the person who brought Ford Ironman Louisville to the city, and as a competitor in that same event, I can say without reservation that I heard of no air quality issues among my competitors. With Louisville becoming one of the most popular destinations in the United States for cyclists (Louisville has one of the oldest cycling clubs in the U.S. dating to 1840), continued improvement of the city’s air quality is important. With so many outdoor events that are interested in Louisville, we'd hate for our air to be an issue.

How Do We Look?

howdowelook.jpgKAIRE’s website has recently undergone a makeover. You may have noticed a few changes in the look and feel of the website. We're making it easier than ever to find the information you're looking for. Air Quality Alerts (when they are forecast) will be featured in the top right corner of your screen. Perhaps you know someone with asthma or a caregiver for someone with breathing problems. You can easily refer a friend to the website and make sure they get the benefit of Air Quality Alerts and clean air tips by clicking "Please tell a friend about this site" on the blue bar across the top of your screen.  KAIRE is committed to bringing you air quality information in a friendly, easy-to-read format. So tell us what you think of our new look.  We'd love to hear your ideas for features and blog topics for our website.