Count on KAIRE for Air Quality Information

While our daily routines are changing, we at KAIRE wanted to let you know that you can still count on us for air quality information.

As the weather warms up, you may be spending more time outdoors. Check the Air Quality forecast, especially if you or your loved ones fall into the Sensitive Groups category for air pollution. You can find out more about Sensitive groups here.

KAIRE continues to share the Air Quality forecast. In the upper right-hand corner of our website is a cloud; hovering your cursor over that cloud reveals the air quality forecast. You can also follow KAIRE on social media for forecasts and Air Quality Alerts.

Our colleagues at the Air Pollution Control District continue to monitor the air and enforce pollution regulations and laws, but our offices are closed to the public.  Find more information about how APCD operations have changed during the COVID-19 outbreak here.