Holy Cross Students Help the Air

Holy Cross High School students learned how to check tire pressure to help the air during a recent KAIRE visit. It’s important for young drivers to learn good habits right from the start, like being Idle Free, checking tire pressure and doing vehicle maintenance on schedule for cleaner, more efficient driving. Checking tire pressure improves gas mileage and keeps your tires from wearing unevenly. Nobody wants to replace tires more often or risk a blowout while on the way to work or school. KAIRE is happy to visit your school if you’d like to learn more about your impact on the air quality in your school community.

Time to Head Outdoors for a Health Break

There’s never been a bigger need for time spent with nature. Spending time outdoors has a wide range of mental and physical health benefits.

Walking among or simply looking at trees lowers blood pressure and reduces the stress-related hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

Light tends to elevate people’s mood, and there’s usually more light available outside than in. Physical activity has been shown to help people relax and cheer up, so if being outside replaces inactive pursuits with active ones, it might also mean more smiles.

Can’t concentrate at work? Leave your office for a few minutes and go stroll in a nearby park. Walking in nature helps restore our focus.

Fresh air and sunshine can make a real difference in our lives. Considering all that nature does for us, it only makes sense that we protect and appreciate the natural resources around us.

Small changes, like reducing idling, carrying a refillable water bottle and driving less can make a big difference in preserving the natural world around us.

Idle Free is Your New Year’s Resolution

Studies show that 80% of New Year’s resolutions have gone by the wayside by February. Most resolutions are too general or too lofty to be reached. Specific, attainable goals are the way to go. If you want to be healthier, do something good for the environment and save money, KAIRE can help you with a resolution you can easily keep.

Deciding to be Idle Free ticks all the boxes as healthy, environmentally friendly and money saving.

Count to 10, Car Off Then! Unnecessary idling wastes gas and adds extra emissions to the air you are breathing. Turning off your engine when you know you’ll be parked and waiting for more than 10 seconds is a good way to remember your new air friendly habit. Whether you’re waiting in a drive thru or picking up a friend, being Idle Free is healthier and more economical.

It’s not too late to make an Idle Free resolution you can stick to. The sooner you are Idle Free, the sooner your fuel savings will add up. Being Idle Free is simply replacing a bad habit with a good one. And it’s a healthy New Year’s resolution you can keep!

Idling Does Little to Warm Up Your Engine

Idling your car does little to warm up your engine. As Popular Mechanics says, “The best thing to do is start the car, take a minute to knock the ice off your windows, and get going.”

Unnecessary idling adds extra emissions to the air and can damage your engine over time. As long as your windows are clear, it’s safe to drive your car. It will warm up best as you drive.

Yes, this might contradict the advice your parents or grandparents gave you when you learned to drive. Carbureted engines from the 1980s and before required an engine warm up, but today’s vehicles are designed differently.

Learn more in this Popular Mechanics article here.