One of KAIRE’s mantras has always been “Breathe.” So when the Harrison County, Indiana YMCA yoga class made a special request for some KAIRE Breathe t-shirts, we dug through the storage room to make it happen.  Abby Coffman teaches this all-ages class. We think the shirts look great! Namaste!


We’re Stuck on These New KAIRE Stickers!

KAIRE just got in some new promotional stickers, and we’re happy to say, we love’em!

We hope the three new designs will help  make our messages “stick” with our air friendly followers, since they share our name, our website, and the important Idle Free message, “Count to 10, Car off then!”

They look equally great on a folder, a reusable water bottle or a clipboard.  In fact, we think they would look great just about anywhere people need a reminder to help the air. 

Vacation Travel: Know Before You Go

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Vacations are meant to be carefree and relaxing, but that doesn’t mean that you have to leave behind air friendly habits, like being Idle Free and maintaining your vehicle. The key to saving money and avoiding idling while you vacation is to know before you go.

  1. Check the route. Pull up a map and look for potential delays on your route. A quick search online can bring up road construction information and detours on state department of transportation websites.
  2. Download an app. Travel apps such as Waze are great for helping you find your way around big delays and getting you to your destination by the most efficient route.
  3. Why drive in an unfamiliar city if you don’t have to? Check for convenient public transportation at your destination. Some cities have trolley service just for tourists. Train, bus and subway schedules can be searched online.
  4. Get a quick check up for your vehicle. Avoid the hassle of breakdowns and repairs by having your vehicle and its tires checked before you leave. Tires that are at the correct pressure will mean better gas mileage, too.