Back to School? Be Idle Free

School supplies? Check. Lunch? Check. Schedule? Check.
Clean air?

Your back to school checklist should include a return to the Idle Free habit of reduced idling in car and bus pickup spots at school. Students, parents and staff are all breathing in extra exhaust that surround the school at pickup and dropoff times. Let’s make the air around the school cleaner and healthier for everyone by turning off vehicle engines while waiting.

Idle Free Schools with healthier air? Check. 🙂

Have a productive and healthy school year!

Air Quality Alert for Thursday, June 17

There is an Air Quality Alert for Thursday (6/17/2021) in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Ozone is forecast to be Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups (seniors, children, and people with breathing ailments like asthma and COPD). The general public is not likely to be affected.

Stagnant Summer Days Build Up Ozone

Ever wonder why some days are Air Quality Alert days and others aren’t?  Air Quality Alerts during Kentuckiana summers are often for the pollutant ozone.

Ozone is more readily formed on warm, sunny days when the air is stagnant. Conversely, ozone production is more limited when it is cloudy, cool, rainy, or windy. Air quality forecasters  provide calculated predictions of the air quality. When there’s a good chance ozone (or particulate matter) will reach 100 or higher on the Air Quality Index, an Air Quality Alert is issued for our area.

You can help clean the air during Air Quality Alerts by driving less and putting off mowing with gasoline-powered lawn equipment.