Clean Air More Important Than Ever

A lot has changed in the last six months—how we work, how we go to school, and how we take care of daily tasks. Sometimes it can be overwhelming.

Amongst all the changes, staying healthy still needs to be a priority, for you and your loved ones.Small changes can help bring some calm in the chaos.

Take mental breaks. A walk outdoors, a few minutes of stretches, a steaming mug of tea or your favorite tunes on your playlist can all give you a little lift when you need it.

Check the Air Quality Index, especially if you or a loved one has respiratory illness. Ozone season is winding down, but our area can still have elevated ozone in September. Plan your time outdoors to reduce your exposure.

Fall is a great time for planting. Cooler temperatures give trees and shrubs a chance to get well established and get a head start for next spring. These plants will help the air while beautifying your yard. No yard? Try a new houseplant, especially the popular succulents which need little care, but brighten up your desk. Or keep a pot of herbs near the kitchen window for adding color and flavor to your recipes.

Be Idle Free. If you’re back in the car rider line for school, turning off your engine while you are waiting is good for the air and your wallet. Picking up your takeout food or your curbside order of groceries? Being Idle Free protects your health and the health of employees bringing your order.

Even in the midst of many changes, our need for clean air continues. In many ways, protecting our health has become more important than ever. Small changes that clean the air are a positive step toward a healthier you.