Five For Fall: Hot Air Friendly Tips for Cooler Weather

Tune in. School’s back in session and recent construction has changed some local traffic patterns. Tired of getting tied up in traffic? Sometimes it’s unavoidable. However, checking traffic reports on the radio, TV or the computer before starting your commute could help you avoid the mess. It’s always a good idea to have alternate routes to school or work in case an accident or construction gets in your way. When possible, schedule your appointments and errands to avoid the busiest roadways during morning and afternoon commutes.

Hold an Air-Friendly Lunch. Get together with your colleagues to bring in a potluck or brown bag lunch or order lunch delivery as a group. Doing so will reduce lunchtime traffic congestion and idling in drive-thru lines. It might even build a little workplace morale.

Fat or Flat? With tires, it can be difficult to tell. According to AAA Motorist, a tire can lose as much as 50% of its inflation pressure and not appear to be flat. Tires lose pressure every month and an average of 1-2 pounds for every ten degrees of temperature change. To maintain proper pressure, check tires monthly to be sure they’re filled to their recommended psi rating. Find the correct psi by checking the owner’s manual or the driver’s side door panel.

Tread = Traction While you’re checking the inflation of your tires, take a good look at the tread. Signs of uneven wear can point to big problems ahead and especially this winter, when good traction is imperative. Not sure what to look for? There’s a guide for nearly everything, including an illustrated guide to tire wear.

Be Idle Free. Idling for just 30 seconds uses more fuel than stopping and starting your engine. Idling a vehicle for a total of 10 minutes a day uses an average of about 22 gallons of gas per year. Unless you’re in traffic, turn that key.