Idle Free Business Toolkit

Does your organization manage a fleet of vehicles? Do you receive deliveries at your facility? Looking for a simple way to reduce your organization’s environmental footprint and save some money?

Avoid unnecessary engine idling. Create an idle reduction policy today!

Here’s what an idling reduction policy can do:

 Protect Employee Health
  • Vehicle exhaust contains more than 40 hazardous air pollutants and carcinogens.
  • Studies show exposure to vehicle exhaust increases the risk of respiratory illness and cancer.
  • Prolonged exposure to vehicle exhaust can aggravate asthma and bronchitis.
  • Vehicle exhaust concentrates at ground level and can enter buildings through air intakes, doors and windows.
 Save on Fuel and Maintenance Expenses
  • Restarting a gasoline vehicle uses less fuel than idling for 10 seconds.
  • Fuel injected gasoline engines don’t need to be warmed, while modern diesel engines require no more than 3 minutes of warming.
  • Idling causes twice the wear on internal parts compared to driving at highway speeds and can reduce the operating life of engine oil by 75 percent.
 Improve Air Quality 
  • Idling contributes to major air quality issues in Louisville, including unhealthy levels of fine particulate matter, ground-level ozone, and toxic air contaminants.
  • Cleaner air improves quality of life for all Louisvillians and can encourage for economic development.
  • Taking action and establishing a policy is an easy way to raise your organization’s “green” profile.
Set an Example
  • Join these local businesses in supporting Idle Free Louisville.
KAIRE can provide free program support and materials, including: