These companies are doing their part to make Louisville Idle Free.


Mercer Transportation

Idle Free signage at Mercer Transportation

Mercer’s anti-idling policy isn’t just for show: There are 43 electrical outlets on the Mercer property, enabling long-haul drivers to plug in their trucks rather than run their engines to power their electrical systems. Mercer also encourages its drivers to invest in auxiliary power units so they never need to idle, even when parked somewhere inaccessible to an electric outlet. Meanwhile, signs on the Mercer property remind visitors not to idle.

Pegasus Transportation

Pegasus has equipped 70 percent of its semi-trucks with auxiliary power units, while 47 percent of its refrigerated container trucks (AKA reefers) have been installed with hybrid technology that allows them to be plugged in to power their cooling systems. Pegasus has also implemented an anti-idling policy.


DuPont has a strict no-idling policy on its property in Louisville’s Rubbertown complex.

Momentive Specialty Chemicals

Momentive has a strict no-idling policy on its Rubbertown property. This policy is reinforced by ample Idle Free signage and flyers.

Louisville Water Company

The LWC strongly discourages its drivers from idling and has Idle Free signage posted at its Downtown Louisville headquarters.

Republic Conduit

Idle Free sign at Republic Conduit

Republic Conduit has a strict no-idling policy on its property that is reinforced by plenty of Idle Free signage.

Con-way Freight

Every Con-way Freight service center has an anti-idling policy that is reinforced by “no idling” signage. Con-way drivers are instructed that whenever they are absent from the truck cab, the engine must be shut off. In addition, all the trucks owned and operated by Con-way Freight are set to a three minute time limit for idling. Con-way monitors its trucks to ensure that drivers are following the idling reduction policy.

BoomBozz Pizza

BoomBozz Pizza has begun distributing information to its delivery drivers on how idling pollutes the air and wastes fuel. There are four BoomBozz Pizza restaurants in Kentuckiana.

Design Builders Sustainable Construction

Design Builders Sustainable Construction has an idling reduction policy that requires company vehicles to be shut off when not in use.

Rooibee Red Tea

Rooibee Red Tea has a no idling policy for its vehicles as well as its distribution center. Idle Free signage reminds the trucks picking up the tea to not idle.


PaperCUTS is a document shredding and scanning business with a no idling policy for company vehicles.

Bike Couriers Bike Shop

Bike Couriers Bike Shop is truly 100 percent Idle Free – it doesn’t use cars or trucks at all. A bike with a trailer is used to haul equipment and merchandise between Bike Courier’s three locations.

Larry’s Movers

Larry’s Movers has a strict no idling policy for its trucks. In fact, GPS units on all the trucks send alerts when they have been idling for more than five minutes.

Garner Narrative

Garner Narrative is an art gallery that eventually got tired of delivery trucks idling on its street. So the gallery owner asked to become an Idle Free Business, and now has Idle Free signage on the side of its building in NuLu.

Diaper Fairy

Diaper Fairy is a cloth diaper delivery service that makes stops in Louisville and Southern Indiana. It has a no-idling policy for its trucks and property.


Eco-Cell is an electronics recycling center. Not only does Eco-Cell keep tons of electronics out of the landfill, it also has a no-idling policy for its trucks and property.

A+ Shredding

A+ Shredding is a local company that will come to your home or business with its shredding truck, “The Pulverizer,” and take care of all your shredding needs. And it won’t be idling while it does it.

Limbwalker Tree Service

Limbwalker’s team of certified arborists and plant specialists are dedicated to the care of and preservation of trees. They are also dedicated to not idling their trucks and do not allowing idling on their property.


Qk4 is a multi-disciplinary engineering firm with a no idling policy for its vehicles when they are out in the field. QKk4 also has an no-idling policy on its property.


Our first Idle Free Two-Fer! Sister companies Shine (Wellness Studio) and Shine Contracting are both now Idle Free Business Partners. Shine (Wellness Studio) has Idle Free signage posted to remind its students and teachers to please not idle in its parking lot, while Shine Contracting has adopted a no-idling policy for its company vehicles.

Access Community Assistance

Access Community Assistance provides direct-care services to persons with intellectual/developmental disability and/or brain injury. It is certified to provide Community Living Supports, Adult Day Training, Respite, Counseling/Psychological Services, Behavior Supports, and Supported Employment. Access Community Assistance’s anti-idling policy applies to the company vehicle, and Idle Free signage is in place to remind transportation providers, staff, and visitors not to idle.