Idle Free is Your New Year’s Resolution

Studies show that 80% of New Year’s resolutions have gone by the wayside by February. Most resolutions are too general or too lofty to be reached. Specific, attainable goals are the way to go. If you want to be healthier, do something good for the environment and save money, KAIRE can help you with a resolution you can easily keep.

Deciding to be Idle Free ticks all the boxes as healthy, environmentally friendly and money saving.

Count to 10, Car Off Then! Unnecessary idling wastes gas and adds extra emissions to the air you are breathing. Turning off your engine when you know you’ll be parked and waiting for more than 10 seconds is a good way to remember your new air friendly habit. Whether you’re waiting in a drive thru or picking up a friend, being Idle Free is healthier and more economical.

It’s not too late to make an Idle Free resolution you can stick to. The sooner you are Idle Free, the sooner your fuel savings will add up. Being Idle Free is simply replacing a bad habit with a good one. And it’s a healthy New Year’s resolution you can keep!