Learn More About the Air

Are you at home, helping your children learn about the environment and what they can do to make a difference in our community? Here are some educational resources to help you guide them to learn more about the air and its importance to our health and the health of our planet.

Louisville Air Watch shows real time air quality data from our regional air monitoring network.

AirNow is the center for air quality data across the country.  Webcams, lesson plans and information on air monitoring are available, as well as forecasts and regional air maps.

The Nature Conservancy has a Nature Lab with curriculum for all levels of students, with virtual field trips, lessons on sustainability and solutions to keep our cities healthy.

You’ll find lessons on the composition of air, carbon cycles and air quality research at this STEM curriculum website.

Of course, being Idle Free is an important part of reducing air pollution around our community’s schools and businesses. If you would like to work on Idle Free goals for your school or obtain signage for your neighborhood or business, KAIRE would like to work with you to make that happen.