Spring Brings Ozone Season Along with Allergies

Spring in Kentuckiana brings so much fun: busy ball diamonds, outdoor festivals, bike rides and graduation ceremonies. Unfortunately, the season can also bring stuffy noses, itchy eyes and misery if you have allergies.

To be clear, at KAIRE we deal with air quality and air pollution, and we don’t report or forecast pollen levels.

However, we are aware that warm spring temperatures and sunny days can help raise levels of ozone pollution, which paired with high pollen, can be a double whammy for allergy sufferers. Both pollution and pollen are possible triggers for asthma attacks.

There may even be a connection—plants and trees stressed from urban heat and air pollution send out more pollen. A cooler Louisville, with less of the urban heat island effect, would relieve some of that pressure and reduce the formation of ground level ozone.

Air Quality Alerts are called at very conservative levels to protect the most vulnerable. An alert is triggered when forecasters believe pollutants like ozone or particles could cross into the Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups range.

Remember to check the Air Quality Index as well as the pollen count. Follow KAIRE on Facebook or Twitter to receive Air Quality Alerts in your social media feeds.