Student Works Toward Idle Free Holy Cross

When the seniors at Holy Cross High School were choosing service projects, Thomas Mackin decided to make a difference in the health of his Cougar community. Thomas chose to focus on reducing idling in the areas surrounding the school by raising awareness and encouraging everyone to turn off their vehicle engines while waiting in the school parking lot. Though school activities are delayed at this point, his plans include distributing Idle Free information to student drivers and car riders, as well as installing  Idle Free signage as a reminder to make a healthier, air friendly choice.

In February, Thomas toured the Cannons Lane Air Monitoring site to learn about regional air monitoring. He met with Tom Lobb, Air Quality Control Technician at the Air Pollution Control District, who described the equipment and procedures used to collect data.  This gave Thomas some perspective on our regional air quality and how idle reduction can help Kentuckiana breathe easier.

KAIRE wishes Thomas all the best as he completes his senior year, and we hope he’ll be able to implement the rest of his clean air plans soon.