It's Easy to Be Idle Free!

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Although you don’t see much smoky gray exhaust billowing from your tailpipe anymore, gas-powered cars and trucks are not emissions-free. Whether you’re picking up the kids at school or grabbing coffee at the drive-through, your idling engine is polluting the air.

That pollution adds up, making life more difficult for thousands of local children and adults with breathing problems. It also makes it harder for Louisville to meet the EPA’s air pollution standards, which have gotten tighter in recent years.

All that unnecessary idling can also add up at the gas pump – you’re wasting money letting the engine run while your car just sits there. Modern engines are not built to idle for long periods. In fact, it’s actually harder on the engine than shutting off and restarting. (Click here for more idling myths and facts.)

So help the air and turn off your idling engine. Everyone will breathe a little easier.


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