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Idle Free

Seeing smoky exhaust pouring out of tailpipes is rare these days. But that doesn’t mean gas-powered vehicles are emissions-free.

Pollution adds up, making life more difficult for thousands of local children and adults with breathing problems. It also makes it harder for Louisville to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) air pollution standards, which have gotten tighter in recent years.

Idling 101

Idling occurs when a vehicle’s engine is running, but the vehicle is not moving. Whether you’re picking up the kids at school or grabbing coffee at the drive-through, your idling engine is polluting the air. It is easy to prevent idling. Just follow the 10-second rule. Count to ten, car off then!

Why Do People Idle?

  • Comfort and convenience
  • When it is too hot or too cold to sit in a car that is turned off
  • In order to operate onboard equipment powered by the main engine

Examples of Idling Include:

  • Powering HVAC and onboard accessories during mandatory rest periods for truck drivers
  • Warming up a vehicle in your driveway
  • Leaving a gas-powered machine on when not in use

Our Resources

KAIRE provides resources to promote Idle Free at your school or business. These include templates for letters to vendors, parents, and students to remind them to turn off vehicles when in your parking lot or school community. We also have sample policies, posters, t-shirts, glove box cards, and other promotional items to explain Idle Free.

Idle Free School Toolkit
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